I first started writing about football in 1978.  There was no internet at the time, and nothing even close to the coverage of the sport that football fans see now.   NFL draft reports and college and NFL season previews were much shorter in length back than, but it was not as easy to be thorough.  One thing has not changed and that is the excitement which goes into each and every football article I’ve written.

Blogging is new to me.  Occasionally I will cut and paste NFL writings, but I will also experiment with shorter thoughts, reactions and who knows what else!  Come draft day I hope to provide a steady blog about the good and bad of player selections.  My hope is that the reader will find these musings both interesting and informative, and will make comments along the way.  Questions are always welcome!

The 2012 NFL Draft will be my 35th!  In addition providing a full NFL draft summary (66 pages, not for this blog of course), other annual writings include a college season preview, NFL season preview and college bowl game preview.







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